Friday, October 5, 2007

Why Not Protein Shake?

There is so much debate on whether protein shakes are really necessary to a workout program. More so, there is a greater debate on whether women should be taking these supplements. Personally, I am a strong believer in protein shakes being a part of my workout program. In this article I aim to explain why.

Protein shakes are infused with protein, often in the form of whey, soy, or egg. It should be the most important part of your diet, whether your goals are to increase muscle and get bigger and stronger, or lose weight and fat and get lean. Increasing your protein intake increases your chances of losing weigth when you're working out. And it also is a quick and tasty way to get a high-quality source of protein without a lot of extra fat or carbohydrates.

Most women today do not understand the importance of having lean muscle mass and are too scared of developing large, bulky muscles that would make them look manly. They do not actually realize how hard it is to achieve and build large amounts of muscle. Gaining muscle size is extremely hard, requiring complete dedication, near perfect diet of mass amounts of protein, many years of training with extremely heavy weights, and you would need to be one with the genetic predisposition to achieve this, which is rare. They also do not understand how having more lean muscle mass actually helps boost their metabolism, and helps to burn fat faster.

A high protein/moderate carbohydrate diet is the most effective for controlling weight problems. For some reason women do not eat an adequate amount of protein. Amino acids and protein are the building blocks to the entire body, this includes muscles, tissues, hair, nails, etc... A complete source of protein is necessary to help in burning excess calories and fat.

My favorite protein shake supplement is Body Fortress which contains 100% premium whey protein powder. It is packed with 23g of protein per serving.

Whey protein contains ingredients similar to those found in mother's milk and is therefore used in many baby formulas. This protein is full of essential amino acids that promote good health and improve body composition and enhance athletic performance; high quality whey protein powder is also packed with leucine, which is essential to preserve lean muscle tissue and promote fat loss.

The benefits, then, of protein shakes are the following:

1. To Increase your percentage of lean muscle.

2. To build muscle mass.

3. To recover faster after a workout.

4. To reduce injuries related to working out.

5. To maintain a healthy and fit body.

6. To feel better during your workouts.

7. To act as a healthy alternative for a meal.

8. Increases the body levels of gluthathione-a powerful anti-oxidant that is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system.

9. Preventing bone loss.

10. Healing wounds and surgical incisions.

Again, a key point to remember is that every time you work out you are tearing down muscles and then rebuilding them. Protein is necessary to repair and rebuild your muscles.


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